Thursday, 11 April 2013

Building an Edwin Monk Skiff

Keith saws the end off a Nova Scotia white pine plank
Going through our bookcase at we found a book from my dad's library from 1946. The book is Small Boat Building by Edwin Monk, Naval Architect. As we had a few long pine planks left from Dory building we were looking for a skiff that we could build. The book has sixteen modern small boat designs, rowboats, sailboats, outboards, a 125.Class Hydroplane and a runabout...all modern in 1946! Mr Monk has a great writing style and explains at the very beginning that in his book 'No attempt has been made to cover such subjects as rules of the road, seamanship etc., and many other things sometimes included in a book of this sort. Some of these are useful, but can be found in other sources. The rules of the road for instance are contained in the Pilot Rules, two copies of which every motor-boat owner is required by law to have aboard and are supplied free by the government.' 
The start of the Edwin Monk designed Skiff

We decided on a 14'6" skiff. Mr Monk explains that 'The lowly skiff might well be called the universal boat' he goes on the explain that the skiff is much superior than.... 'the punt, a much inferior craft, almost useless in rough water'. This skiff according to Monk 'should make an ideal outboard boat'

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