Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Folkboat repairs

Photo of new wood spliced into base of mast

We removed the fittings and stripped the varnish off the mast and discovered that the top two feet of the mast was not sound as water had entered between the laminated sitka spruce and the mast head had broken. A crack was discovered approximately three ft down so new wood is being spliced in to repair. The base of the mast has some rot and deterioration around  the tabernacle pin so wood is being spliced in to repair this.

 Photo of mast head preparing to splice

Photo shows the inside of the hull under the cockpit
The cockpit was discovered to have some rot on the vertical walls of the cockpit well and in some of the framing. The entire cockpit has been removed and will be replaced. A better drainage system for the cockpit will be devised. This folkboat does not have a self draining cockpit, and water drains into the bilge. The existing cockpit seats will be re-used.
Photo shows the area of the aft deck and transom that has been removed.
The Mahogany transom had started to rot at the top due to water coming in from the deck joint. The starboard corner post has also started to rot. The corner post has to be removed and then new wood installed on transom and deck. The deck will then be sealed with epoxy resin and fibreglass cloth and the stern trim re-installed

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Restoration Project Arrives

This week saw the arrival of summer and a 1960ties Abbott Built Folkboat (KC21)
The folkboat is mahogany clinker, and while the hull seems to be in good condition there are areas of rot in the mast, the cockpit and the transom. There are problems starting with water ingress where the coach roof meets the deck and the entire boat is in need of paint and varnish.