Saturday, 9 February 2013

Finished & Launched Dorys

Completed Dory Buff Dory
Once the Dory is planked, and the cap rail is on, the seat riser is attached to the frames and the thwarts are placed. There are three thwarts however there is place for five. The thole pin hole are drilled, painting is completed and the dory is ready to row. These Dorys row best with 9'3"-9'6" oars. The traditional Dory colour is Dory Buff however they can be painted with other colours, We painted one Dory buff and the other a dark red with a cream interior.
Completed dark red Dory
Rowing the Dory is great fun and good excercise with two rowers and there are Dory Rowing Clubs in several communities around Nova Scotia. The Canadian Dory Racing Association in Lunenburg hold International Championship races against the Gloucester Mass., USA rowers for women's teams, men's teams mixed teams and juniors.

There are Dory Rowing Clubs in Shelburne and in Mahone Harbour.

Winter row

Members of the Mahone Harbour  Dory Rowing Club