Wednesday, 6 July 2011

More rot on folkboat but repairs continue

Yesterday we discovered more rot on the starboard forward coach roof. We removed the mouldings and discovered that we could stick a screw driver through the coach roof and through the base of the coach roof mahogany side.
Today we cut out the rotten sections.A new section of coach top side will be cut from mahogany. The carlin will be scarfed and the oak coach top beams that fit into the carlin will be scarfed to replace their rotten ends.

This picture shows the exposed area, the carlin and rotten coach top side has been cut out. The rotten beam ends are still there waiting to be replaced. We have decided not to replace the mouldings. instead we will run fibreglass tape set in epoxy on the edge to seal the fibreglass coated coachroof edge.

The transom and aft deck as been repaired. A new piece of mahogany was put into the transom, a new starboard sternpost was constructed, and marine plywood was used to repace the rotten portion of deck. The deck repair was coated with fibreglass set in epoxy. The transom can now be sanded and painted. A transom teak rail cap will be installed and the fittings re-installed.
This picture shows the port aft coach top repair. This area is where the Halyard jam cleats were installed which caused the coach  roof the flex and allowed water to get between the fibreglass deck covering and the marine plywood. The rotten areas have been cut out, new marine plywood has been installed and a reinforcing pad to carry the jam cleats has been added. This repair will be coated with fibreglass cloth and epoxy resin.