Sunday, 20 November 2011


Here we are just off the launch ramp, with our friendly Zodiac tug towing us out to the middle of the river. The wind is a bit gusty so we have tied in the first reef. On a catboat if you think you should reef then its too late if you don't.

The owner decided that he wanted an outboard, so the one he chose is a 2.5HP four stroke, so we wanted to make sure the motor worked, and it did!
We stayed alongside our tug until we got the sail up.

Now we don't have enough wind for our reefed sail, and we are trying to sort out our trim and our rig!

Now we are moving though we should have swung up the outboard! What a great day!

Ready to launch

We have finished the Marsh Cat!
Here she is loaded on the trailer ready to leave the shop, Her paint is complete, varnish is done, We just have to finish the rigging when she gets out of the doors, The sail has been picked up so we want to make sure it fits.

The mast is installed and the rigging fits, We are going to install the sail, then take the boat to be launched. Note that the boom crutch is also a idea taken from our friend's Danish Folkboat.
Next we will attach to the truck.....

As you can tell, we are doing this in late fall, but on this day its actually 15 degrees Celsius outside, so we are hopeful that our first sail will be ok.
Sailing pics will be on the next post.

Friday, 11 November 2011

Details Details on the Marsh Cat

 The devil is in the details when we get to this part of the project. The hull has had two coats of AWLGRIP topcoat and the deck has one coat. The varnish is getting built up, and we are starting to install fittings. The rudder and centrboard are being painted and the spars are complete. Floorboards are all installed and the boat is beginning to look good!
The fittings are cast bronze and include the bow chocks, the rudder pintles and gudgeons, the tiller fittings and the goose neck.
The sail, standing rigging and running rigging will arrive next week. The we will jack up the boat to finsh the antifouling and install the centrboard. We plan to get the boat onto its trailer and outside the shop to rig very soon. Its getting exciting!