Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Planking the Dorys

The first plank installed on each side
The garboard plank determines the sheer of the Dory. On our Dorys we were able to have three subsequent planks of the same width to reach the topside height. Each plank is beveled with a plane to fit on the plank below. They are bent around the frames and are attached to each other with copper nails and roves with screws into the frames, the stem and the transom.
Once the second plank was on we were able to start removing the supports on the frames and to begin cleaning up the inside of the boat

The second plank installed on each side

As the third and final plank was installed we started to think about the oak for the gunwhale which supports the cap rail and gives the sheer its strength. Traditional Dorys have a steel strap that attaches each frame to the gunwhale. The oak gunwhale is screwed to the top plank.
gunwhale in place and steel straps on frames

Once the gunwhale was on it was time to fill the screw holes and start preparing the boat for painting. An oil based primer sealer was applied.

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